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A marching band gift guide

Still looking for a last minute gift for the band member in your life? We’ve compiled a list of band essentials that make for great gifts and/or stocking stuffers.

Blank manuscript

Does the musician in your life enjoy playing and making music? A blank manuscript gives them the ability to make note of the musical stories they create.


There’s nothing worse than playing a beautiful ballad out of tune. A tuner is essential for any musician and it also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer. This tuner is fantastic because it also doubles as a metronome! 


Music stand

Having a music stand is handy when rehearsing. Having a portable music stand is even handier especially when you’re rehearsing in more spaces than one. The true gift is not the stand itself but rather convenience. 

A new pair of runners 

A good pair of running shoes cannot be talked about enough. Not only will a good pair help you perform at a higher level, but they will also work to prevent injury. It is important to select a pair that are of good quality and that fits your feet well. It is also important to replace your runners every 1-2 years, depending on use. 

Athletic clothing

Similar to running shoes, proper athletic clothing is extremely important for marching band, and in 2020, the selection is seemingly endless. Unlike running shoes, this clothing can last many years and be used in multiple ways. When purchasing athletic wear, there are many different options to consider, such as brand, time of year, and location. For brands, major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, and Under Armor are always safe bets. The price points can vary, but always be on the lookout for sales. For example, looking for summer clothing during the winter or on boxing day. Try looking for these brands at stores such as Winners, Under Armor Outlet, Nike Factory Store, or Adidas Outlet   

Bluetooth speakers

Always keep the music going wherever you go. Band kids love to share music with friends and family, wherever they are. Having a portable speaker is a great way to bring this music with you, whether it is for casual listening, playing along, or studying up on some new music. A Bluetooth speaker can also be a great gift option for the guard member in your life. Bluetooth speakers can have a wide price/quality range, check below for a couple of different options. 


You can never have enough tape if you yourself are a percussionist or a member of the color guard. This tape comes in handy if sticks, rifles, of flagpoles need to be taped. You can find this kind of tape at Home Depot or other hardware stores. 

Valve oil 

Similar to stick tape, brass players can never have enough valve oil. Valve oil is a timeless stocking stuffer that will always be appreciated. 


Any woodwind player in your life can never have enough reeds. There are lots of different varieties of reeds so if you’re struggling to figure out which one to get, a peek inside of their instrument case couldn’t hurt. 

Lip balm 

Dry lips are never pleasant, especially as a musician. In all honesty, lip balm is important for anyone to have in their back pocket. Here are two great local options for lip balms! 

Band bag 

What is a band bag? A band bag is a bag that houses all of your band gear: a water bottle, polishing cloth, lip balm, extra reeds, valve oil, etc. This backpack is a great option because it has lots of space and many different compartments so you can keep your gear organized.  

Water bottle

Keep the band person in your life hydrated with a brand new water bottle. Water bottles come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone!

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