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More than music: How the arts impact our communities

If you are a member of the arts community here in Calgary, or anywhere really, the validity of the arts is unfortunately, often in question. What is art exactly? Why do we need it? How does it impact us?

City Beautiful is a movement and a term often used in the world of urban planning and architecture. Are people more likely to care for a space if they felt it were more beautiful? Does it bring us hope? Does it bring people together? The City Beautiful movement allowed people to see the relationship between the aesthetics of a physical place and the social dynamics within it. I think the principles are the same with the arts. 

In recent years, there have been an increase and expansion in festivals that involve the arts: Beakerhead, GlobalFest, CIFF, Chinook Blast, Folk Fest, the Calgary Stampede etc. To put it simply – art makes us feel good. The arts contribute to our sense of community. It gives us similar ground to stand on. Prior to the pandemic it allowed people from all walks of life to be together to discuss and admire.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, we have relied on the arts to keep our spirits high. Musicians were doing LIVE concerts from the comfort of their own home. The many Netflix shows that you binged are there thanks to the arts. The murals that you saw while on your daily family walk are there thanks to the arts. 

What is art?

As a band, our goal has always been to bring youth into the arts as a way of building community. Whether it’s the connection that they build with each other or the pride that they have when sharing what they do with the community, participating in the arts is an experience that brings value into every aspect of life. 

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