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Balancing Band Life with Regular Life

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Managing priorities

Everyone knows that a band kid is a busy kid. This level of occupation is often a result of much more than just our programs. Having talented young members comes from them being involved in so many great programs, not just ours.

The ability to manage these different activities is integral to the success of each of them. Understanding that certain tasks are to be completed before others is key.

Here are a few ways to help you manage your priorities:

  • Making a to-do list
  • Using a reminders app
  • Filling out a weekly planner

Setting a schedule

One of the many great things about band, especially marching band, is the structured scheduled that it brings into your life. With regular weekly rehearsals and a monthly band camp, being a member helps you to find a routine in your week-to-week activities.

Just as it is important to manage your priorities throughout the week, it is equally important to have a schedule of when you are going to work on those items. Having this schedule will help to reduce stress and allow you to further enjoy your time at band.

Taking time away

Although many of our members probably wish they could constantly be involved with these bands, either at a rehearsal or a performance, it is important to take time away from the activity. This will help in both appreciating your time at band that much more, as well as refreshing yourself to be ready to rehearse/perform at a much higher level.

During the time that you are away, take the opportunity to exhibit the life skills you have learned and harnessed in these bands. Continue to share with Alberta, Canada, and the rest of the world what makes these programs special and the young adults that leave them.

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