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Creativity, Passion, and Community

While many of our current members will tell you their favourite part about being a member of our program is the exciting performances and once in a lifetime travel opportunities, our alumni will tell you how the skills they learned through these performances and tours have continued to play an important role in their adult lives.


Creativity can be found in almost everything we do. It is what allows us to introduce our personality to what we do. Our goal is to create a space where members can let their creativity shine in the artwork they’re creating. While this creativity is being shown mainly through music and movement, this is a transferable skill that transcends far beyond what we accomplish in our program. We hope to develop youth that will challenge the status quo with innovation, wherever their life path takes them.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” -Steve Jobs 


Similar to creativity, passion can be found in our everyday lives. However, this passion is different for each of us. We aim to help students discover and develop their passion for music and movement in an educational environment. While developing their passion for band, many of our students often find this passion extending far beyond music and movement and into different aspects of their lives. Having this mature passion drives our members to be successful with whatever activity they commit their life to. 


As humans, it is natural for us to seek out a community to be a part of. These communities can be formed through mutual interests, values, and relationships. Our created community is one of the most important elements of our program. By connecting students in Calgary and around Calgary, we’re helping form lifelong connections via the love for marching arts. Our community strength is shown through our support from alumni and the City of Calgary. In fact, most of our current staff are alumni of our program. Recognizing the importance of creativity and passion, these individuals have decided to give back to help their students have an amazing experience like they have had. 

Creativity, passion, and community are the values we hold most important in our program. We believe that by teaching these 3 values, we are helping to develop the young leaders of the future. To learn more about how you or someone you know can join our program, please visit our join page

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