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Favourite Tour Memories – Staff

Since we are unable to travel on tour this year, we wanted to share some stories from our staff of their favourite tour memories from when they were in band!

Elena Samoilova

I joined the Round-Up Band in the fall of 2004 and enjoyed it, but throughout all the spring and early summer performances would always answer that I wouldn’t be coming back the following year. I still remember Vanessa, then a first-year instructor and now a director of the Round-Up Band, asking me about my intent to return and being disappointed about my consistent negative answers. Then we went on a tour of Alberta to celebrate the Centennial. This seemingly un-exciting tour of small towns in Alberta was more fun than I could have ever imagined and included great performances where the band was a big attraction for the crowds, lots of ice cream (my favourite!), and all of the friendships that develop as kids spend two weeks together. I came back a committed fan of marching band and haven’t left the Calgary marching band scene since. 

Peter Arum

I personally never got to experience tour as a band member of the Calgary Roundup Band because I, unfortunately, didn’t March Roundup however I have a favourite memory as a Staff member from tour back in the 2016/2017 CRUB season. That season we travelled to the Okanagan for the Military Tattoo. On one of the mornings, it happened to be the Stampede Showband’s finals performance for the WMC in Kerkrade and few of us staff, members, and chaperones woke up early to watch the band! Even though it was very early it was great being able to watch the performance and support the Showband represent Calgary and Canada with a room with Alumni and members wanting to join Showband in the future seasons ahead!

Allie Patch

I went on tour with roundup in 2009 to Disneyland! It was a “bus tour”, so we hopped on a tour bus and drove all the way from Calgary to LA. During the tour, we got to perform at Disney, do a backstage tour and recording in the Disney Recording studio, and do many other cool performances! One of the days on the tour we got to go to Ocean Avenue and see the Santa Monica Pier. I’d never been to California, and as a 13-year-old surrounded by my best friends, it was the most amazing experience ever! We got some free time to spend at the pier, on the promenade, and of course on the huge beach, which is one of the most prominent memories I have since it was just so much fun. As much as tours can offer such a wide variety of performance and musical experiences, those memories that come from exploring and travelling with your friends by your side are definitely the ones that stick! I’m so glad that I was able to be offered so many experiences like this one.

Fun fact: the guy in the white shirt beside me is Brian who teaches snares!

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