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Living With an Infinite Mindset

“When we work hard for something we don’t believe in, it’s called stress. When we work hard for something we believe in, it’s called passion,” says Simon Sinek. 

Our program firmly believes in supporting our members and their drive in discovering their creativity, passion, and community. These are attributes that take time to develop and are important to the development of youth. 

What is an infinite game/mindset? 

We’ve all participated in a wide variety of games, from athletic to academic, different types of games entertain and challenge us consistently. In these games, it is understood by most that there is a clear winner and loser at the end of each game (Finite Games). But what about games that don’t have a final buzzer at the end of the game? These are the games Simon Sinek describes as Infinite Games. There are no clear winners or losers because the game never really ends… These are games we play every day, even if we don’t realize it. Understanding how to play the Infinite Game correctly has the ability to change our lives in a meaningful way. 

The infinite mindset comes from the idea of the infinite game. It is created through the idea that we are never done improving ourselves and the activities we are involved in. Consistent pursuit of excellence by getting better every day (no matter how much better). 

How an infinite mindset applies to our program 

Like many competitive sports, marching band is an activity of extreme detail. Having high attention to detail can often create moments of frustration. However, it is that attention to detail that builds outstanding performances. 

Through years of experience, we know these performances cannot be created overnight. This journey takes time for our members and staff. Having an infinite mindset during this process is understanding that not everything needs to be fixed right away, but that improvements must be made every day of rehearsal and celebrated as well. As long as continuous improvements are being made, goals will be met and excellence will be achieved. The beauty of the infinite game within our program are the small improvements that are made by each member are magnified by the band overall. 

How to develop your infinite mindset 

“In the game of life, we only get one choice. Once we are born, we are players. The only choice we get is if we want to play with a finite mindset or an infinite mindset,” says Simon Sinek. 

You’re in luck, it’s never too late to develop an infinite mindset. While we are applying the infinite game/mindset to our activity, it is important to look at the greater application of the idea. Whether it’s getting a good mark on a test, landing a new job, or buying a car, the game is never complete. This is important to remember next time you witness a success or problem in your life, you have not won or lost based on that one instance. 

Brining an infinite mindset into your life is as simple as asking yourself every day, “how am I going to improve myself and my work today?”. By asking this question, you have already taken the first step in developing an infinite mindset. 

An easy way to start your infinite mindset journey is by signing up for our workshop with Dr. Matthew Arau on June 2nd!

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