Want to be a better musician? Performer? Person?

Participation in the band builds character, discipline, teamwork, self conīŦdence and friendship. We want you to join the band.

What our members have to say…

  • “An incredible experience”
  • “The best friends ever”
  • “Love the rush and excitement”
  • “Travelling on the tour bus is the best part of tour”
  • “The staff treat you with respect and are fun to be around”
  • “The only way to get through Junior High”

What our parents have to say…

  • “I can’t believe the difference in my child since he joined the band”
  • “My son’s shyness is a thing of the past”
  • “Because of the level of commitment expected from the students, my daughter is diligent about getting her homework finished.”
  • “The musical instruction is super.”
  • “Now my child wants to try another instrument.”