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More than music: What skills our staff have learned

“Hard work will always win over talent!”

“You are capable of more than you know, don’t limit yourself”

“If you really love and want something, hard work and passion will get you there”

“Every single person matters in the band, yet every single person’s role is different. When everyone buys into it, amazing things happen, and lifelong friendships begin”

What are the quotes above describing you may ask? These quotes are from our staff when asked what valuable lessons they learned as members of the band. 

Apart from learning how to play your instrument, how to march, and how to spin equipment, there are so many more life skills to learn in marching band.

Marching band provides youth with the opportunity to learn how to work effectively as a team. Dedication, a strong work ethic, and resilience are common learned and practiced skills in the band.These skills are transferred and carried with our members for the rest of their lives. With most of our staff being alumni of the band, it shows that these experiences have never escaped them.

Through COVID-19 and the many curve balls this year seems to bring, our members have continued to exhibit these skills in the new activities they have picked up in their down time. We look forward to continuing to develop these skills with both our returning and new members in January!

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