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Our summer activities

One of the many unique aspects of our program is its schedule. Our band prepares nearly year-round for a variety of performances. As we began to enter spring and summer, we wanted to share all of the activities and performances that keep our members busy during this time of year. 


Everybody loves a good parade! Every year our band will select 4-5 songs (made up of timeless classics and modern hits) and perform for large audiences on the parade routes. These are high-energy, exciting performances that are sure to bring a smile to your face time after time. 

Some of our favourite parades throughout the summer are:

  • Stampede Parade 
  • Canada Day – Canmore/Banff 
  • High River Little Britches Parade 

Field shows 

One of our most complex and demanding performances of the year, the yearly field show is a highlight that cannot be missed. 

What is a field show? We like to compare it to a theatrical performance, but instead of on stage with actors, a field show is performed on a field (usually a football field) with musicians and our colourguard.

Check out our most recent field show performance:

Events and standstills 

As our band strives to be ambassadors in our community, we have the opportunity to perform at many different events in and around the Calgary area every year. While these performances don’t include the same sort of movement that our other performances do, the band more than makeup for it with their sound. 

Some of these performances include:

  • Performances on Stampede park
  • Stampede Grandstand  
  • Stampede breakfasts 
  • Spruce Meadows

These performances include some of our favourite tunes from the year and our field show music. These exciting performances are sure to turn heads at any event. 

We look forward to sharing the experience of all these great performances again soon! 

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