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Why did you join the band?

Why did you join the band? The answer to this question is different to every single person that has been through our programs. It often receives a complex and indescribable response. At face value, you joined because you wanted to play your instrument more, you wanted to make new friends, you wanted to participate in unique performances, or for most people you wanted to travel with your friends without your parents. The great this is that these bands cover all of those bases.

After that first year in the band, members always choose whether they want to come back. The amazing thing is that many of them do. When you ask someone why they decided to come back, you get answers that relate to our three values: creativity, passion, and community.

I came back to band because this activity is a way to express myself through music and movement.

I came back to band because I love what I get to do here.

I came back to band because I wanted to spend time with the friends that I’ve made through these programs.

As our members grow through the bands and whether they are in the program for one year or six they love to share their passion for this community, so much so that they encourage others to join.

We asked our members what they would say to get a friend to join the band, and here’s what they said.

  • Tour with all of your friends.
  • It’s an amazing opportunity and that there are loads of people to make memories with 
  • Band is so different than you think. It’s so much more than just playing an instrument. 
  • Literally, it was life-changing, and wonderful performance experience you would never experience anywhere else. 
  • You can’t get it anywhere else! It’s so fun and everyone experiences the same things together. 
  • Do it. Trust me.
  • Amazing friends/community, awesome performances, and you get to travel.
  • You can only regret not going. 
  • It makes you sweat, ache, bleed, and cry, it takes away free time. But you can’t help but love it 
  • It’s been the best experience of my life 
  • Trust me. You’ll love it 
  • It’s a once in a lifetime experience that guarantees countless memories!
  • It is an experience that you can never comprehend until you do it. Try it for one year. 

As you can see, the experience cannot be put into words with ease. Every member had their own motivation to join the band and now has their own love to stay. Our program offers youth the opportunity to further develop their passion for music and movement in an environment that not only helps them grow as an artist but flourish as a young adult in every other aspect of their life. 

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